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This site is a repository for SketchUp components (3D models) related to the design of custom-build PCs. (a.k.a. Case Modding)

There is a community at the forums which enjoys this popular hobby.

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2 Random Items

  • Black Ice GTX 240

    By: Jim_Fear, In: Radiators, Added: 05/05/2009, #336


    VIA Epia SP13000 Mini-ITX Motherboard

    By: Nezuji, In: Other Sizes, Added: (unknown), #145


    A model of VIA\'s EPIA-SP13000 Mini-ITX motherboard, measured with a metric ruler (sorry, no callipers) from the real thing. Includes mounting holes, heat sinks (CPU, North/Southbridge), rear ports, PCI slot, RAM slot, and connectors (ATX power, IDE, SATA

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