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This site is a repository for SketchUp components (3D models) related to the design of custom-build PCs. (a.k.a. Case Modding)

There is a community at the forums which enjoys this popular hobby.

This site is no longer accepting submissions.

2 Random Items

  • ATX 2.2 Spec

    By: jrs77, In: Parts, Added: 21/09/2011, #567


    This is a 100% exact model of the ATX, µATX and mini iTX specification including the according cutouts for the case. All the parts in the model are arranged and aligned properly to be a starting point for modeling a scratchbuild. No thickness is added

    Sugo SG05

    By: jrs77, In: Small Form Factor, Added: 08/01/2011, #492


    Not 100% accurate as it's designed by pictures only and not by measuring the case in natura.

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