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  • Silverstone FT02-Modded

    By: Banthracis, In: Other/Custom, Added: 08/11/2011, #573


    Modded Silverstone Fortress 2 case. Includes a modded Corsair AX750.

    Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD4

    By: Banthracis, In: ATX, Added: 08/11/2011, #572


    Borrowed some components from LabregoO's "Asus P5Q Pro" and NFC's "Sapphire X58 Pure Black". Maybe parts from 1 other I might have forgotten, sorry >.<

  • Thermalright HR-02

    By: Banthracis, In: Heat Sinks & Fans, Added: 08/11/2011, #571


    Should be extremely accurate outside the angle of the curvature of the heatpipes.

    Silverstone AP181 Fan

    By: Banthracis, In: Standard Fans, Added: 08/11/2011, #570


    Silverstone 180mm Air Penetrator Fan

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