SketchUp Component Collection

  • Intel Atom Processor 330

    By: Zangetsu, In: CPUs, Added: 12/08/2009, #371


    Intel's smallest processor for netbooks and embedded applications. You may use it in your own models but please credit Zangetsu.

    Intel BOXD945GCLF2

    By: Zangetsu, In: Other Sizes, Added: 31/05/2009, #348


    Intel's SFF motherboard with an Atom dual core 330 processor included. If you use it please credit me.

  • AMD Socket 754 + Mobile Sempron

    By: Zangetsu, In: CPUs, Added: 05/05/2009, #335


    a small low end processor for notebooks or small pc's but since there is no name on the processor you can call it what ever you want :)

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