SketchUp Component Collection

  • SteelSeries QCK Mousepad

    By: k0rben, In: Input, Added: 25/03/2010, #425


    SteelSeries QCK mousepad, real scale (320 x 270 x 2 mm)

    Thermaltake RamOrb Memory Cooler

    By: k0rben, In: Heat Sinks & Fans, Added: 23/12/2009, #400


    RAM heatspreader by Thermaltake, real dimensions. Sorry, fan got 11 blades instead of 9.

  • Watercool SilentStar DDC Lite

    By: k0rben, In: Misc, Added: 22/12/2009, #399


    A box for silencing Laing DDC pumps, with foam inside, with Laing DDC-T1 pump inside. For 3.5" bay.

    Scythe Himuro HDD Cooler

    By: k0rben, In: Other, Added: 10/10/2009, #382


    Harddisk Cooler with HDD inside, real dimensions.

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